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Original Title: Der Stein, Verfolgungsjagd, Lego der Film
Quality: 8mm color film (not Super-8)
Date: The films were made arround 1986.
Place: Shot in Solingen at Unionstraße 10 in the former garden and on top of the main building. The lego film was made at Carsten's house at Tannenstraße 40.
Genre: experimental
Duration: -
Budget: about 30 DM for the film material
boy helping, boy falling from the roof: Andreas Eversberg
boy gets his bag stolen: Christian Butz
boy stealing the bag: Patrick Bönnschen
The first movie is a stop motion test movie. We had a stone which looked a bit like a diamond and painted it. We were little kids an just tested how stop motion works. The stone was folowing andreas as he went up to the roof. At the roof the stone was kicking him off the edge and he fell down.

The second movie was done in our garden. Christian was having a picknic. Suddenly Partick came and catched Christan's bag and tried to run away. On the way Andreas was stopping him. This show how little kid's playing turns into a movie.

The last movie is a stop motion test with Lego© stones. We tried to tell a story about some business men doing a trip with their jet. Suddenly aliens appeared and everybody gets killed. Check out the man with the ladder. His head is moving up and down.

After that we have some outtakes of this film